Basierend auf der “Auld Lang Syne” niedergeschrieben von Robert Burns (1759 – 1796).


In England many years ago
A man so young and bright
He made a club for men like us
That are gather’d here tonight
Like equal men, they sat and talked
Had fun – made friendships there,
The spirit did we all ADOPT
Every Tabler – everywhere


From town to town this social life
Was known to be a treat
Now all the world has tabler clubs
Where the different men do meet
And every club has now a team
Which fits the lifestyle there
That is the way we do ADAPT
Every Tabler – everywhere


When Tablers meet, they do explore
And learn from what they hear
They do discuss and know they can
Freely speak without no fear
Be open minded in your clubs
Try always to be fair
Thats is the way we will IMPROVE
Every Tabler – everywhere


In fellowship and brotherhood
Let’s give a helping hand
Through service all around the world
We will help the best we can
Beware we can’t be all alike
Let’s show we really care
You know you always have a FRIEND
Every Tabler – everywhere